BioPalette LTD a biotech company founded in 2011 in Novosibirsk, Russia by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs consolidating its expertise in R&D of diagnostics products and business administration.

In 2013 BioPaltette’s products first launched on market, since then BioPalette supplies last generation high-quality ELISA kits for HIV, HCV, HBV, Syphilis detection.

Now BioPalette continues its developing and manufacturing in RUSSEZÒ (Russian Special Economic Zone), Saint-Petersburg, Russia which is medical technologies and pharmaceuticals cluster.

BioPalette has a well-qualified R&D department which set up a new technology product “MultiSCREEN” in association with Government Agency Institutes. New technology of “MultiSCREEN” detects simultaneously markers of HIV, HCV, HBV and syphilis decease, including antibodies, antigens and p24, HBsAg using ELISA method on one microplate’ well at the time.
“MultiSCREEN” assay can be performed on every open EIA microplate analysis system or manually. This technology enables to increase workforce productivity and to decrease expenditures, as well as false-positive reactions.


Our team

Innovative capacity of BioPalette is built up of its employees who are however research associates of Government Research Institutions and Medical Agency.

BioPalette’s consolidates its expertise by well-qualified team based on scientific school and academic knowledge of Russian biotechnology and scientific cluster in Akademgorodok, Russia founded 1957. Our employees have many years’ experience in EIA and PCR.

The board of directors set an example of entrepreneurs with high administrative skill and expertise in molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, developing projects in related sectors.



Essential part of performing BioPalette as a biotech company is its acquaintanceship and cooperation relations with its partners – National Scientific Centers and advanced-technology-level vendors from all over the world. BioPalette reckons the hi-quality reagents are the base of advanced last generation diagnostic assays.

Strategic prtnership between BioPalette and Government Scientific Virological and Biotechnological Centers gives us the possibility to have best materials for quality control and testing of tne new products.



Customers and clients

Our customers and clients are diagnostic and clinical laboratories of a wide range treatment, healthcare and medical centers, blood banking, Hygiene and Epidemiology centers, AIDS centers, Scientific and Research Institutes.

Our products are the result of consolidating expertise and knowledge rise to specificity and sensitivity standards in combination with comfort of use.

Our assays improve and easy up the routine of our customers, technology enables to increase workforce productivity and to decrease false-positive reactions.

BioPalette’s constantly seeking new ways of modernization its products, of improving technology to maintain hi-level-quality.
Our team always support our customers and ready for feed-back for customer convenience.



Head office

197350, St.-Peterburg, doroga v Kamenku, 74 A, RUSSEZ
+7 812 425 6459
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