«BioPalette Total Anti-Treponema Antibodies»

RU 2012/14165



BioPalette Total Anti-Treponema Antibodies assay is a screening kit for detection total Treponema Pallidum antibodies in human serum or plasma using solid-phase sandwich EIA method with applying combinations of Treponema Pallidum most antigens p17. P15, p47, TmpA.

Characteristic feature of BioPalette HCV-Ab Screen is one-step assay method, short incubation time of 40 minutes. All reagents are ready-to-use.

Contents of conjugates and antigens prepared to meet our customers’ needs within balance of over - and - under diagnostics.

WHO International Standards:

  • Syphilitic plasma IgG and IgM (human) (1st International Standard)
  • Anti-Syphilis Quality Control Serum: Sample 1 QCRSYPHQC1